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5 Best Things to Do in Prague

With a rich history that goes back over a 1000 years, with breath-taking lush natural beauty and over 280 awe-inspiring museums, with Renaissance architecture and Gothic grace, Prague is a city that is an eclectic mix of the old and the new, the ancient mixed with the modern, the natural landscapes should-to-shoulder with towering new structures.

Visit Prague for an experience of a lifetime as there is just so much to do that the sheer lists of ideas and possibilities are overwhelming.

Even the most well-traveled folks will be astounded by the beauty of the Vltava River, the romance of a walk on the picturesque Charles Bridge, the mesmerizing architecture of the Prague Palace, the hearty Czech cuisine that offers sumptuous fare, and the quiet medieval streets that speak about the history and tell tales of yore – read article about prague things to know.

This is why we have scoured out all the best things to do and eat and enjoy in Prague, one of the most spectacular European cities, and come up with 5 must-dos for you.

  1. The Penguins at Kampa Park

A long line of a series of playful yellow penguins with tiny broad bellies and an adorable stature share a much-needed serious message about the dangers of climatic change and the consumption of plastic in Prague.

With the scenic backdrop of the Vltava river near the popular Kampa Park, these cute penguins, amazingly created out of recycled plastic are like sunshine atop the river.

Created by a Milan-based art movement group – the Cracking Art Group, the message they give out is crystal clear – penguins are endangered; plastic is killing the planet. Save both!

Bonus Tip – Make sure you dine at the world-famous Kampa Park restaurant on their heated riverside terrace.

  1. Take a Cruise on the Vltava River in Prague

Did you know that this Czech Republic city is also often called the “Prague Venice” because of its gorgeous waterways and scenic river views?

So, hop aboard a boat or take a cruise on the Vltava for an unforgettable experience on a beautiful summer day.

Float beneath the Charles Bridge, and view the majestic Prague Castle from afar as you bask in the glorious beauty of nature and wonder around you.

Some tours also provide with delicious lunch or dinner meals, depending on what time you are cruising on the river.

Bonus Tip – Once you finish with your stunning sightseeing cruise, get admission to the award-winning Prague Zoo that has quite a wonderful collection of different species that attract families with children, including myriad vulnerable and endangered ones as well.

3.Prague Zoo

Put your comfy shoes on and get ready to walk on 6 miles of scenic walking trails and enjoy exhibits like the Valley of Elephants, the Africa House and the Indonesian Jungle. There are fun playgrounds for the children like the Bororo Reserve as well as a picturesque chairlift, pony rides, an intriguing observation tower – sure to thrill all tiny tots, plus much more.

Serious animal lovers can go for the “Keeper of the Day” – a thrilling activity that may involve feeding lions, locking eye-balls with a giraffe, getting up, close and personal with reptiles and so much more!

Some other fun exhibits? The Pavilion of Penguins, Bird World and the Lemur Valley.

It’s a clean, fun place that offers a lot of memorable moments for families, especially for young children.

  1. Eat Prague Food – Forrest Bistro

Visit the Vinohrady area in Prague to enjoy the mouth-watering food and coffees at Forrest Bistro – a vegan bistro and espresso bar.

But don’t let the word ‘vegan‘ put you off! This trendy eating joint offers an excellent array of Czech, Asian or fusion fare with some of the best coffee in Prague.

Try vegan chickpea omelets and tofu scramble for a hearty breakfast. Choose an Indian bowl with sprouts and kimchi for lunch. And finish off a lavish, lazy dinner with soy gravy with spinach and potato dumplings.

Their cold strawberry soup is not to be missed as a refreshing starter.

And their decadent desserts are to die for! Don‘t miss their Choco-Raspberry and Apricot cakes – simply divine!

5.Prague Aviation Museum Kbely

If you want to see a jaw-dropping collection of 130 airplanes from the historic period of the Czechoslovak air forces and their civil aviation, then pay a visit to the Aviation Museum Kbely in Prague.

From pilots’ uniforms to helicopters, airplanes, engines and more, it is said to be the biggest collection of aviation in the Czech Republic, and one of the largest air museums in Europe.

It was founded in 1968, and currently holds over 275 aircraft, from which 10 are still fully operational.
You have to pay no fees for the entry as admission to the museum is free.

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